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Technical Assistance and Consultation

Capacity — building coaching for you and your team
  • We can provide you with expert consultation in multiple areas related to language learners in a manner that is most suitable to your needs:  phone calls, email support, and in-person coaching and facilitating.


Our Process

Discover — understand the specific needs, goals, and aspirations of the client and bring our experience and expertise to the conversation.

Design — facilitate collaboration to map out a reasonable scope of work, a beneficial pace of learning, and outcomes that will turn great ideas into practice.

Refine — apply our knowledge of adult learning and research supported practices and suggest activities and/or resources that are in concert with the client's goals, aspirations, and needs.

Build and Grow Capacity — determine follow-up activities and/or resources that will extend and enrich the learning and sustain the change of practice in the client's unique and local situation.

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