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Product Development

Innovative use of collaborative tools to create effective resources, products and solutions
  • Work collaboratively with our team of experts to ideate, prototype and pilot innovative products that meet your specific needs. 


Our Process

Discover — understand the specific needs and aspirations of the client and how they align to their educational vision and mission


Design — lead collaborative and creative visualizations of the educational product with the production team and client


Build — allocate and target resources to produce a quality educational product 


Deliver — participate in continuous formative feedback with client to meet the goal of on-time delivery of an effective product  


Reflect — evaluate product against the goal of meeting current and future needs of clients

Featured Work

2015 WIDA Academic Video Contest

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WIDA Focus Bulletins

Focus on Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education

Learn more at Wida's Professional Development Educator Resources 


E-SLD Resource Guides (2015)

Spanish & English editions

Learn more at Wida's Standards Early Years 

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