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Participatory Action Research 

A collaborative process to reveal the strengths and challenges of any aspect of teaching or  learning 
  • Following the protocol advanced by Participatory Action Research for Educational Leadership (James, E. A., Milenkiewicz, M.T., & Buckham, A., 2008), we can either lead a group at your site or coach you in your leadership of action research in any area related to the education of language learners.


Our Process

Discover — solicit the needs of the client, research the applicable legal parameters, and pull relevant research documenting “best practice” in the client’s situation.


Design — craft a tentative framework, in concert with the client, for evidence/data collection and educator participation in the process, from research design to interpretation to action planning to measuring success to reflection.


Build —  implement the PAR iterative cycle with the client’s team to increase competencies, shift context, improve conditions, and realign the school/district culture, and to resolve technical problems and adaptive challenges.


Deliver — write a report that addresses the school or district team’s findings and recommendations for change that is suitable for dissemination and presentation to stakeholders and decision makers.


Reflect — coach the client as to various ways to prioritize and implement recommendations with acknowledgement of bridges and barriers to change.

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