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Responsive to your unique needs
  • We provide in-service training to educators at all levels in a variety of areas related to language learners. 

  • We can offer this training in a variety of formats at affordable price points, depending on your budget, ranging from Webinars and Skype sessions, to half day or full day workshops, to a series of workshops scheduled over a period of time, to short institutes (two to three days) or longer institutes (three to five days). 

  • We work with you to craft the agenda and suggest activities so the professional development is responsive to your unique needs and meets your local goals.


Our Process

Discover — solicit the client's unique concerns and goals for their organization and the educators and students within, as well as the area within language and culture education where the client seeks to build developmental capacity.

Design — present our knowledge of and experience with adult learning, change leadership, and the area of language and culture education to meld with the client's input to craft a professional development offering that will resonate with the client's intended audience, augment their repertoire of skills, assure goal attainment, and support growth.

Deliver — provide the professional development experience in a way that engages participants and provides multiple opportunities for application and reflection.

Reflect — suggest activities and resources for follow-up, enrichment and extension to create a sustained learning environment engaged in continuous improvement.

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