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Event Description


Collaborative Instructional and Assessment Practices National Institute


Option #1 (elementary):  June 24, 2020

Option #2 (secondary):  June 25, 2020

Option #3 (reception & author conversation): June 24, 2020 4-6pm


Location: Chicago, IL (The Center on Halsted)

Cost: Option #1 & #2, $400.00 per individual, $1,050 for teams of three participants until April 1, 2020. Option #3, $60.00 for Reception & Author Conversation (included in Options  #1 & #2)


For more information contact us at

Continuous classroom data from assessment as and for learning are helpful to educators and multilingual learners alike. Feedback to and among multilingual learners pushes their learning forward and feedback from educator to educator improves instructional practices. We invite teams of educators to participate in our interactive workshop to explore the processes for planning collaborative instruction and assessment for their specific context. The institute includes a reception and conversation with the authors where we discuss individual teams’ questions and quandaries. 

John Hilliard, President of Paridad

Margo Gottlieb

Co-Founder & Lead Developer, WIDA

Margo is an internationally

recognized expert and author in the assessment of language learners. She is also the Lead Developer, for the World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) Consortium.

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Andrea Honigsfeld

Education Professor & Author

Andrea works in the areas of diversity, social justice and equity, primarily focusing on effective differentiated strategies and collaborative practices for English learners. She is author or coauthor of over 20 books on coteaching, teacher collaboration, and ESL strategies.

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Margo's & Andrea's Work Together

Margo and Andrea, along with their co-authors, Margarita Espino Calderon, Maria G. Dove, Diane Staehr Fenner​, Tonya Ward Singer, Shawn Slakk, Ivannia Soto, Debbie Zacarian

have written this first of its kind collaborative book for both teachers and leaders, whether in small towns or large urban centers, so they can finally have both the research and the practical strategies to take those first steps toward excellence in educating our culturally and linguistically diverse children. It’s a book to be celebrated because it means we can throw away the dark glasses of deficit-based approaches and see children who come to school speaking a different home language for what they really are: learners with tremendous assets.

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