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Event Description

Reflecting Multilingual Learners in the Curricular Mirror

Date: Thursday, April 22, 2021

Time: 4:00-5:30 (Central Time)

Location: Online

Cost: $50.00 per participant (includes a copy of Margo Gottlieb's new book, Classroom Assessment in Multiple Languages and the Reflective Assessment Checklist)

Audience: Content & Language Co-Teachers, Coaches, Curriculum Designers, District Coordinators, Principals, Leadership Teams, Teacher Educators

Registration deadline is April 16, 2021


For more information contact us at

 Do your units of learning:

  • Center multilinguals learners?

  • Respond to multilingual learners’ linguistic and cultural assets?

  • Represent student voice and identity?

  • Address socio-cultural context?

  • Connect to community resources?

  • Create opportunities for learners to engage in learning in authentic ways?

In this virtual seminar, participants will examine curricular elements in light of linguistic and cultural sustainability to optimize equity for multilingual learners. We plan to share strategies for embedding these elements into a school’s or district’s current curriculum or to design new units of learning. Educator teams will have an opportunity to engage in self-reflection using an evaluation tool to incorporate into professional learning and their own work.

John Hilliard, President of Paridad

Margo Gottlieb

Co-Founder & Lead Developer, WIDA

Margo is an internationally

recognized expert and author in the assessment of language learners. She is also the Lead Developer, for the World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) Consortium.


John F. Hilliard

President & Co-Founder, Paridad Education Consulting

John has devoted his professional career to bringing parity to the field of education, hence the origin of the name Paridad. Throughout his 25 years in education, he has played a variety of roles from award-winning bilingual teacher, to university instructor, to nationally recognized professional developer.

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Margo's & John's Work Together

Margo's and John's collaboration has focused on giving teachers and administrators the understanding and tools to create and adapt curriculum that meets the needs of learners accessing content in multiple languages. Starting in 2012 with the national CoCoMo (Common Core & More) Institute in New Mexico and Nevada, and expanding to an international venue in Oaxaca, Mexico, this initial grassroots professional development movement focused on original curriculum design through the lens of multilingual learners. In working with Chicago Public Schools Dual Language Teams we highlighted the use of the language, culture and content components to modify existing curricular units. A synopsis of the EL ESPEJO Multilingual Curriculum Framework is presented in the Classroom Assessment in Multiple Language: A Handbook for Teachers book which will be provided to all registrants.

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