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John Hilliard, President of Paridad
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Lauren Keppler

Lauren has a pragmatic, learner-centered philosophy that she has applied in the classroom and in her work with other educators.  She enjoys making things grow, from the plants in her garden to the skills and understandings that she cultivates in her students to the competencies that she nurtures among educators.  In her growth-centered classroom, Lauren reinvented school curriculum and assessment practices to better plan, teach, and measure student learning and skill development.  She brings that philosophy and expertise to Paridad.




  • Technology

  • ESL Methods

  • High School



  • Presenter, facilitator, and consultant

  • Adjunct graduate level instructor and coordinator of adjunct instructors

  • Coach, instructional technology

  • Teacher, ESL, bilingual, grades 9-12



  • M. Ed., Northern Illinois University, 2007

  • B.A., Eastern Illinois University, 2003



  • National Board Certified Teacher:  English as a New Language – Early Adolescent and Young Adult

  • Secondary Education

  • English as a Second Language

  • Bilingual Education (Spanish)

  • English Language Arts

  • Social Studies (Psychology)

  • Foreign Language (Spanish)



  • University and Departmental Honors - EIU, 2003




SLIFE: Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education

A WIDA Focus Bulletin designed to provide technical assistance to educators working with refugees, students with limited or interrupted formal education, or the recent influx of unaccompanied minors from Central America.  



WIDA Focus on SLIFE: Students with limited or interrupted formal education. (2015, May). WIDA Focus Bulletin.  Retrieved from

Assessing the Connecticut Core Standards in English Language Arts: Module 2 – English Learner and Students with Disabilities Participant Guide (2015).

Retrieved from

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