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2016 WIDA
National Conference

October 12-15, 2016




Registration is currently open.


Event Description

Conferences are a great place to brush shoulders with other educators, but how do you connect with others the rest of the year? Maggie Essig and Michele Yanong will lead a breakout session, Being a Connected Educator: Developing a Robust Personal Learning Network, to discuss how growing and developing peer-to-peer interactions and reciprocal investments is essential for educators who want to stay current in today’s education environment. Learn about various pathways available to build a robust Personal Learning Network (PLN) comprised of people, organizations, and resources to interact with and learn from that fits your schedule, learning style, and area of interest.


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WIDA 2016 Schedule & Sessions


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Philadelphia, PA


John Hilliard, President of Paridad

Maggie Essig

Having served as an EL/bilingual teacher, administrator, and consultant, Maggie has utilized technology as a catalyst for language development, student engagement, content area achievement, and professional growth.

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John Hilliard, President of Paridad

Michele Yanong

Michele has fine tuned and shared innovative methods of professional growth through her work as an EL teacher, instructional coach, and graduate class instructor.

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